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Mankind ProjectMen like us make a powerful commitment to our personal development, take risks and push our limits to continue evolving, are 100% responsible for our choices and emotions, go beyond narrow stereotypes of manhood, work to better ourselves, our communities and our planet, and connect, support and challenge other men to be the best men we can be. Are you like us? Come find out. (

Baltimore Trans-Masculine AllianceThe Baltimore Trans*Masculine Alliance (BTMA) is a support group for everyone who identifies on the Trans masculine spectrum, including (but not limited to) trans men, FTM, gender fluid, non-binary, multi-gender, butch, questioning, and those who were assigned female at birth. We welcome people who are at any stage of medical & social transitioning: considering, declining, are in their process, or began years ago.

Black Men Xchange – description pending

Mocha Men’s Group– description pending

See our calendar for upcoming dates here.


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